European Multilingual Blogging Day 2012

Hi there!

Have you noticed something different here? Yep! Today the post is English. Why that?
Well, for about two months I got to know the project ‘European Multilingual Blogging Day 2012’. The idea is to emphasize the multilingual dimension of the web. Great, isn’t it? Right from the start I wanted to take part in the project. The requirement was very simple: I’d have to write in a language other than Portuguese.

The path that leads to this blog

You were probably looking for terms anyhow related to Germany and the search results page showed you this address. Perhaps you didn’t engage because it’s not in your language. ‘It is not even in English!’ you might have thought. If I wrote the posts in English, I’d reach a larger audience, I know. On the hand, if we really want a multilingual web, we should support as many different languages as possible, right? So here is my very humble contribution.
Even if you don’t speak Portuguese, I invite you to read the old posts. A machine translation (Google Translate, for example) can help you understand them.
If you speak English and want to learn German, check out these websites: 
Learn how to speak German. Besides the website with songs, jokes, exercises and much more, they also tweet in English and 5 minutes later the German translation.
– Double Translate. Every month they have a free download with guides, tips and exercises to learn German. You can follow their account on Twitter.
Step into German. How about using soccer and music to learn German?
– BBC Languages German. The page hasn’t been updated lately. It’s worth visiting it, though.
You may also want to read the other blogs that are taking part in the project this year. Click here to see the list.

Last but not least, it’s really nice to see that the blog gets visitors from many different parts of the world. I’d like to thank you all and say that you’re welcome here no matter what language you speak. 

2 Responses to “European Multilingual Blogging Day 2012

  • Hey Lu, thank you very much for the websites, I'm gonna check them now, maybe I find some interesting exercises I could give to my students!

    have a nice day! 🙂

  • Hi, Marcela!
    I follow both 'Double Translate' and 'Learn how to speak German' on Twitter. I really think they do a great job. Try them out!
    Best wishes,

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